Inspired by @semioccasional
  1. Sorry- this isn't the whimsical list you were hoping for! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Who? Me
  3. What? Wanting to quit adulthood
  4. When? Right now
  5. Where? Right here, in this current place in this current universe!
  6. Why? Because it's freaking hard and I'm exhausted!
  7. Not physically but mentally and emotionally hard and exhausting!
  8. I'm tired of paying all the bills, working my ass off, taking care of myself, taking care of others, being overwhelmed, holding my shit together and being strong.
  9. I just want a break! Could someone just "do it for me?"
  10. I know things could be so much worse and in writing this I feel a bit selfish.
  11. Maybe in a parallel universe today's Kate is doing great?!
  12. But this Kate, today's version of me, wants to quit!
  13. Hopefully tomorrow's version of me will have a more whimsical, lighthearted response to this list!
  14. And Siri is decidedly good for nothing!