Why can't we ever take our own advice? I try to post positive comments to support people on this app and make positive suggestions in real life. On a slightly selfish level, it makes me feel good to make others feel even a little bit better!
  1. But when I'M "in that" dark place that I feel stuck in or my thoughts start to spiral I can't always "get out"!
  2. I've been practicing and working at this for 15+ years but sometimes it takes a little longer to "pull myself out" than I'd like.
  3. So basically this is a list to myself for when I'm in "that place":
  4. ⭐️"Give yourself a break! Do something to take care of you!"
  5. ⭐️"Take a damn shower!"
  6. ⭐️"You are stronger than you give yourself credit for!"
  7. ⭐️"Drive to your secret spot and enjoy the view!"
  8. ⭐️"You ARE making a difference, even if you don't feel it today!"
  9. ⭐️"Do one of your 5-7 minute calming meditations!"
  10. ⭐️"Let go of 'the story' associated with whatever you are feeling right now!"
  11. ⭐️"Think of all the cool shit you've accomplished."
  12. ⭐️"You are a Rockstar! You get shit done!"
  13. ⭐️"You will be okay! You always are!"
  14. ⭐️"You're a work in progress! Allow yourself to feel all feelings and moments because they are fleeting."