1. I live in Asheville, NC (sometimes known as Beer City, USA) 🍺
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    See list for more fall pics FALL IN ASHEVILLE, NC
  2. Home of Highland Brewing
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  3. This is the weekend of the release of Highland's Cold Mountain Winter Ale
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    Released annually in November and there is a limited amount of this craft beer for purchase
  4. So I waited in line
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    Even brought a book (just happens to be the book I'm reading at the moment) and someone else brought their guitar so that was nice
  5. And waited...with these lovely people
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  6. Yes! 9th in line
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    Also, telling myself "this is a bit ridiculous!" No it's not!
  7. That's right, you get that merch ready
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  8. Bring out those bottles
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    20 minutes left
  9. And...Purchase!
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  10. Look how pretty it all looks in my trunk
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    Yes, I actually took the time to take this photograph 🙈
  11. Time for draft pour tasting
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    From the Coconut Cold Mountain Ale cask
  12. And another specialty cask is tapped
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    Orange peel & Madagascar vanilla Cold Mountain Ale
  13. Heading home!
    Standing in line for beer is EXHAUSTING! Thanks for a lovely day Asheville! 😉