Thoughts after 3 hours in...
  1. I'm glad I waited 3 hours to make my first stop- Thanks Uncle John!
    I usual try to to make it to 2 1/2 but persevered!
  2. Why does everyone get especially stupid during the holidays?
    Cruise control is not a difficult feature people
  3. I guess I'll just not eat for another 3 hours
    After going into Wendy's to use the restroom, coming out and looking at the line full of idiots and whispering F*ck this Sh@! (judgmental I know but probably true) I apologize to any of you listers at the Wendy's off of I-77
  4. Thank god I downloaded podcasts
    Great Debate episode w/ John & BJ (that's right I can refer to them by their first names was the best thus far) Saving season season 1 of Serial for when I enter Ohio and must endure 2 hours of boring flat land with views of barns
  5. Man I hate this drive (8hours)
    I've done the NC to OH drive like 28+ times in the last 10 years - (EVERYTIME I do it I think I'M Not doing this anymore (until I drive back in 9 days)
  6. Maybe my 5 year old niece and 3 year old nephew will be mellow when I arrive at my mother's house????
    I hear you all laughing!
  7. I probably could've shaved 15 mins of the trip by not writing this list
    Sort of therapeutic though!?