On NBC - new series - 3 episodes in Inspired by @BWN_7 sort of (hopefully my making this list doesn't curse it to be cancelled 😬)
  1. Melissa George
    Remember "The Slap"?
  2. Dave Annable
    Reason enough, right?
  3. The character I think will be the most underrated and who is already my favorite because she's sarcastic and feisty but has a lot of ❤️ (see what I did there)
    Maya Erskine
  4. This guy, Don Hany
    Sexy accent
  5. Jamie Kennedy
    Remember Jamie Kennedy?
  6. "Loosely inspired by the real life & achievements of Dr. Kathy Magliato."
  7. Unique characters
  8. Funnier and a bit more irreverent than other "medical dramas"
  9. Did I mention Melissa George is a badass?
  10. Check it out!
    No I do not work for NBC or any of their affiliates
  11. UPDATE: Whelp, it's been cancelled! 😕