I was cleaning(I use that word lightly) my bathroom and looked into the tub. The thoughts and events that took place next occurred in the following order
  1. "That drain really is not going to clean itself like I hoped." (It is a half dollar size opening with no strainer thing)
  2. "I rent this place, am I seriously going to clean the drain?"
  3. "I am tired of the water taking forever to drain." ( I've lived here 5 years and can't recall cleaning the drain before- I'm sure I must have???) 🤔
  4. "Omigod this is not coming out as easily as I thought. If I could just get ahold of that larger clump I feel like the rest would follow."
  5. ...
  6. Gets old fork from kitchen
  7. "Here it comes!"
  8. ***gags***
  9. "Do other people do this? They probably have a strainer thing. What is the strainer thing over the drain in a shower called?"
  10. "Ugh! Thank god this is only my hair. I can't imagine pulling out another person's hair and shampoo gunk."
  11. ***gags***
  12. "Omigod! What if someone else had to clean my drain hair out? I wouldn't blame them for not. This is slimy and gross."
  13. "I don't know if I could ever clean out someone else's drain hair. Would that mean I really loved them?"
  14. "Am I horrible person? Am I incapable of love?"
  15. "What's wrong with me?"
  16. ...
  17. "Eh! I need to buy more shampoo."
  18. "Gross, I feel like the wet gross hair clumps are on me. I need to shower."