Dreamiest Fictional Abodes

Inspired by @ShawnKelly
  1. The "Practical Magic" house
  2. I mean....
  3. C'mon.
  4. Finn and Jake's tree house
    Ooo's most desirable property.
  5. "Summer's End"
    Aka the Bishops' cottage.
  6. Rivendell
    Tbh, I'd be pretty happy in Bag-End as well.
  7. Pacha's house
    When the sunlight hits that ridge, these hills sing.
  8. Molly Gunn's apartment in "Uptown Girls"
    Manic pixie dream home?
  9. Arnold's room at the boardinghouse
    Every 90s kid wanted it.
  10. The "New Girl" loft
    Idk if this is really "dreamy" but it's a gorgeous apartment. And consider your potential roommates!
  11. The Vandamm house in "North by Northwest"
    Worth the trouble (probably).
  12. Longbourn
    Pemberley is wonderful, but it always gets all the attention. Let's shine a little light on the Bennet home as portrayed by Groombridge Place in the 2005 film version of P&P.
  13. The attic in "A Little Princess", post transformation
    Bedroom goals.
  14. Howl's titular Moving Castle
    Portability, relative luxury, MAGIC
  15. Parker Knoll and the James residence of London
  16. The "Smart House" of DCOM fame
    @katelynmchessler wisely suggested this. Such a cool house when PAT wasn't going insane.
  17. Aunt Ruth's apartment at 1612 Havenhurst from "Mulholland Drive"
    I can't believe I can't find more pictures. So old Hollywood and beautiful. Pro: Coco would be the coolest landlady. Con: this place may only exist in a dream?