Inspired by @rachelb688
  1. That aching of your stomach muscles you get from laughing too hard.
  2. After you finish a really great book or film or album or whatever and you have to just sit by yourself and think about it.
  3. When you think about someone you really like and automatically smile and feel the desire to see them deep in your chest.
  4. Feeling inspired and motivated enough to actually do something with your ideas.
  5. Waking up perfectly rested and at ease.
  6. The satisfaction of knowing you were able to help someone.
  7. Companionable silence with old friends.
  8. Feeling exhausted and accomplished after a day of hard work, especially manual labor or work outside.
  9. The anticipation of traveling somewhere.
  10. The comfort of returning home.
  11. When I make my pets happy and they snuggle up next to me.
  12. That moment when the song you love and that you've had stuck in your head all day comes on.
  13. Learning about something and feeling a powerful curiosity to know more.
  14. The thrill of taking a risk and having it pay off.
  15. When you talk with someone and feel that you just *get* each other.
  16. The awe that comes along with witnessing something truly spectacular — the night sky, an underdog coming through, the Grand Canyon, a kid's first steps, an immaculate spider's web, your favorite band in concert — anything that makes you feel lucky to be there.