1. I came home from work at lunchtime today.
    Nausea and exhaustion dominated my morning. I know that it was anxiety and disgust.
  2. Honestly, I just couldn't go on like it was any other day.
    I couldn't carry on my normal routine, and be around people who seemed able to do so.
  3. I live in a small "city" that's the center of a largely rural county. Yesterday, over ten thousand people that I live and work alongside voted for a person I find despicable.
    My state, never absolutely but so reliably blue, instead tipped just over into the red.
  4. Whether it was out of ignorance, stubbornness, bigotry and hate, or some combination of the above, they helped vote into our nation's highest office someone who I truly believe has the ability to ruin not only what I love about this country, but to ruin lives and our planet.
  5. I'm having trouble reconciling the fact that some of those people are people I care about very much.
  6. So I'm trying to practice some self-care, and to remind myself of a few things:
  7. This was a tight race. Unbelievably tight.
    Which means that while there's a ridiculous amount of people willing to vote for a horrible excuse for a human, there are also a huge number of people who aren't, and who are still willing to stand up for those most vulnerable in light of the outcome. And I also know of plenty of young people not yet of voting age who are still capable of great political action.
  8. The president-elect is only one person.
    And while he has been chosen for an office of great power, and his Cabinet is going to suck, and Congress is going to continue to suck... there are still plenty of people with better sense out there to represent us.
  9. We have seventy days with our current president.
    Seventy days where so much could happen.
  10. It's very hard to find any source of optimism right now. Tomorrow is going to difficult, and the next day, and the months to come.
  11. So in lieu of optimism, I'm trying for strength.
  12. No matter what has happened as far as elections, you can bet that I'll go down kicking and screaming before I see the rights of my fellow Americans taken away, before I see the world damaged beyond repair, before I let people with a limited view of what America "should" be ruin everyone else's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.