And/or incite frustration and exasperation.
  1. "So what do you like to do?"
    Well, kind stranger, I appreciate your interest in me, but the quickest way to make me feel uncomfortable is a super vague question about my hobbies.
  2. "Are you dating anyone?"
    Conversely, I don't care if strangers ask this, but when family or close friends do, it feels weighted with expectation.
  3. "Where do you live right now?"
    I am a twenty-six year old woman living with her parents in her hometown because she went to a private college to get a liberal arts degree, and then went to grad school, and her family is kindly letting her save some money. It's comforting to be home, but I felt more "adult" in college, and now I often feel stereotypically #millenial.
  4. "How many hours a week would you say you spend watching television or movies?"
    An embarrassing amount, good sir.
  5. "How's the new job going?"
    Some days I'm really happy with what I'm doing and who I work with, and other days it's soul-crushing and I question every life decision I made up to this point. Is that the response you're looking for?
  6. "Blah blah blah blah blah?" [Translation: any question about taxes or retirement plans or healthcare deductibles, etc.]
    Um, let me get my dad to explain everything you just said and I'll get back to you. (Maybe I'm not an "adult.")
  7. "Let's go with you first. What will you be having for dinner tonight?"
    Please let the rest of the table order while I sit here indecisively, and then come back to me.
  8. "Which 'Harry Potter' book is your favorite?"