Just let me have this.
  1. We both have long blonde hair that we like to have put into braids.
    Unfortunately, my hair is dirty blonde and I'd need to grow an extra arm to be able to do her kinds of braids for myself.
  2. We each have at least one non-human child.
    Mine's a cat, though. (Maybe this is more of a Ser Pounce situation.)
  3. Neither of us has any time for pushy dudes, disloyalty, or people who want to enslave other people.
    Um, duh. Most of humanity has this in common?
  4. We are both capable of a powerfully imperious gaze.
    (No qualifier needed. My eyes will cut you.)
  5. We have both eaten from the heart of a large quadrupedal animal.
    I ate venison heart that had been smothered in barbecue sauce and prepared in a Crock-Pot, BUT STILL.
  6. In conclusion,
    I am very ready for tomorrow night.