1. So, my mom used to collect matchboxes and matchbooks? Back in the day when everyone and their dog used to smoke, matches were available EVERYWHERE and they could be a useful little memento of where you'd been.
  2. My great uncle gave my mom a ton of matches that he picked up during his many years of army service.
    He had matches from all over the US and Mexico, some from South America and Europe, and a bunch from Asia (mainly China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia).
  3. A few years ago, Mom downsized her collection from one pretty big box to a single shoebox.
    She got rid of a bunch of crappy ones from local places, and eliminated any multiples. Though she's narrowed down her collection, we still have a bunch from her uncle.
  4. I looked through the box as I was cleaning some stuff for her the other day, and these are some of the ones I liked the most.
  5. Static
    A bunch of Swedish safety matches.
  6. Static
    Nautical matches! That red box says "Neptune's Palace". (I tried to tilt it so you could see the picture better, but it was really shiny.)
  7. Static
    Spanish astrology matches! Picture on the front, horoscope on the back.
  8. Static
    Some pretty boxes that I can't read... I had a hard time deciding what side to show for each of these because they were so pretty all around.
  9. Static
    Places I would go based totally on the matchbox.
  10. Static
    Absolute FAVORITES.