Allow Me to Listroduce™ Myself, slightly tipsy at a cocktail party version

Here are some of the strange/funny/surprising stories about my life you'll hear about if I'm feeling slightly awkward at a party
  1. I was once part of a car chase
    Or more accurately, car-and-motorcycle chase. The taxi I was in got hit by a motorcycle, which sped off. The taxi driver went full on NUTS and chased the motorcycle down city streets. It was kind of scary. (The motorcycle eventually got away.)
  2. I have never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
    Always found it gross-sounding. Now that I am 33, it might be worth not trying it for the rest of my life, if just to have something to say when playing Two Truths and a Lie.
  3. I survived a really big earthquake (more than 2000 died in surrounding towns)
    Now that I am back in earthquake-prone Taiwan, I have to work hard not to let my fear of earthquakes consume me. But at least once a night, every night, I feel dread and fear (what if there's another one tonight?).
  4. I have seven piercings in my ears
    I don't find this particularly interesting but my middle school students love this about me for some reason.
  5. I have a fairly large birthmark on my right leg. When I was a kid, my brothers made fun of it, so I told them it was a "Power Mole." The power? If you rub it, you'll be able to fart at will
    My little brother thought this was so cool, he used a permanent marker to draw a Power Mole on himself. 👌🏽
  6. I was once "deported" from Australia
    I was headed to Papua New Guinea for work and my colleague was in charge of getting our paperwork in order. She missed some crucial paperwork for my visa and I ended up being told I couldn't board the flight to Port Moresby during the layover in Cairns. I didn't have a visa for Australia, so I couldn't leave the airport, either. I ended up purchasing a ticket to the Philippines, where I didn't need a visa.
  7. Ben Affleck called us and we didn't pick up
    We were living in Southern Tanzania. Our friend lived in Northern TZ and ran into Affleck and Damon at a hotel bar. (This was in the mid/late 2000s. They were there on a fact-finding trip with Bono's NGO.) Damon excused himself to call his family but Affleck talked with my friend for hours. At one point, my friend asked Affleck to call us because he was afraid no one would believe the story. So they called us together but we were so busy doing nothing we looked at the phone but didn't pick up.
  8. My drink of choice: gin and ginger (lame, I know)
    Get me another drink and I'll tell you more.