Tour of our Taiwan apartment

Our apartment is provided by my employer, an international school. It was designed and built for foreign teachers (thus the large kitchen, atypical for a Taiwan apartment). Our furniture is a mix of family hand-me-downs, Craigslist finds, and (too much) IKEA. Apologies for the inconsistent lighting (& filtering)—photos taken over several months.
  1. Dining room into kitchen
    The table is a Craigslist find, as is one chair. (The school paid to ship some of our furniture.) Our kitchen here is at least twice the size of our modest kitchen in the US.
  2. Dining room
    The cabinet in the back is a dry sink, once owned by my husband's grandparents. We used it as a changing table back when we needed one! (Now it's our bar. 😎)
  3. Living room
    Map was salvaged from the high school where my father in law used to teach. My husband hand-carried the rug back from Morocco when he was in college.
  4. Living room
    Other side. You can kind of see the balcony here. We have another smaller balcony by the dining room. We have most of our plants on that side of the house (better sunlight) plus a cafe table.
  5. Paper roll
    We used to have a chalkboard door back in the US. Here, we have a paper roll! Pillow is from Afghanistan. It was a gift from a friend.
  6. Bedroom
    We gave the kids the master bedroom because they have better use for the space. This room is a work in progress. The room was painted this yucky sage color before we moved in—probably will wait to repaint this summer. Have framed art we'll hang above the bed tomorrow.
  7. Bathroom
    We have two bathrooms that are mirror-images of each other. Typical bathrooms here are pretty utilitarian. Not owning is freeing, I think—it is easy to live with design you don't love when you don't have the power to change it!
  8. Daytime view from balcony
    Doesn't do it justice!
  9. Evening view from balcony
    No filter!
  10. Edit
    Our friend just made us a coffee table! It's the second piece of furniture he's ever made. Such a thoughtful and generous gift.
  11. Edit
    Our kids' bedroom.