1. Risotteria: Their Celiac Seal of approval is icing on the (gfree) cake at this West Village institution. Two words....BREAD STICKS.
  2. Pala: I know, I know, not the obvious choice, BUT their artisanal pies and interesting toppings make this Lower East Side joint a glutenless pleasure! One word....MEATBALLS.
  3. Rubirosa: Half the fun of gorging on pizza is enjoying it with friends. At Rubirosa, your gluten-loving friends can enjoy an equally delicious pie and not be annoyed by your dietary restrictions! One word....CALAMARI.
  4. Two Boots: Yep, this late night East Village staple recently became my go-to spot when I enjoyed their personal gfree pie twice in one weekend. Little known fact---the "two boots" represent Italy and Louisiana, two cuisines that influence their pie recipes. Two words....YOU'RE WELCOME.
  5. Amy's Frozen Gluten Free Pizza: In a pinch, it'll do. Nothing is worse than an unmet pizza craving. And now, there is no excuse.