Which is coincidentally a nearly complete list of physical locations I visited
  1. SFO Airport
  2. Aunt Kathie's house (Oakland)
  3. Pier 39 (San Francisco)
  4. Buena Vista restaurant
  5. Hog Island/Ferry Building
  6. New York Bagels(?)
    attempted/no public restroom
  7. City Lights bookstore
    attempted/no public restroom
  8. Vesuvio
  9. The Little Chihuahua (Mission District)
  10. The Grind
    Coffee shop
  11. Cha Cha Cha (Haight Street)
  12. Cato's Ale House (Oakland)
  13. Blue bottle Coffee (Oakland)
  14. Kababbq (San Rafael)
  15. Neighborhood Mart Gas (Montara)
  16. Las Palmas Taco Bar (Santa Cruz)
    Attempted/no public restroom
  17. Safeway (Santa Cruz)
  18. Chevron (Santa Cruz)
  19. Asilomar (Pacific Grove)
    Stayed here, peed countless times
  20. Cannery Row brewing company (Monterey)
    3x, was there for awhile
  21. Starbucks (Monterey)
  22. Kayak connection (Moss Landing)
    2x. Port a potty.
  23. Phil's Fish Market and Eatery (Moss Landing)
  24. Monterey Bay Aquarium (Monterey)
  25. Joe Rombi's La Piccola Casa (Pacific Grove)
    Rehearsal dinner
  26. McWay Waterfall Trailhead (Big Sur)
  27. Nepenthe (Big Sur)
  28. Big Sur River Inn (Big Sur)
    2x. Wedding reception.
  29. Katy's Place (Carmel)
  30. Jade Cove Trailhead (Lucia)
  31. Eureka (San Luis Obispo)
  32. Gianna's house (Los Angeles!)
  33. Paper or Plastik Cafe (Midcity)
  34. George C. Page Museum at La Brea
  35. LACMA
  36. LACMA Cafe
  37. Griffith Observatory
  38. The Frolic Room (Hollywood)
    Hot tip from @tothemaxxx
  39. L. Ron Hubbard Life Exhibit
    Was planning to here, but we got bored waiting for a tour guide and a little scared, so left
  40. Amoeba records
    No public restroom, devastating
  41. In N Out Burger (Hollywood)
  42. Hallie's House (Los Feliz)
  43. Kibitz Room at Canter's Deli (West Hollywood)
  44. 76 Gas Station (Beaumont)
  45. Joshua Tree National Park- Hidden Valley Trailhead (Joshua Tree)
  46. The Natural Sisters Cafe (Joshua Tree)
  47. Pioneertown
    attempted, town was completely closed and deserted
  48. Canelé (Glendale?)
  49. LAX