Happy Election Day! 🇺🇸
  1. WHO/WHAT: Purple // FOR: New M&M color
    Outcome: Lost to blue. In 1995 we voted by phone. Landline, kids.
  2. WHO/WHAT: Kirby // FOR: Name of science class pet hamster
    Outcome: Winner! Kirby was my suggestion (inspired by Gameboy fave Kirby's Dream Land).
  3. WHO/WHAT: Dave Holmes // FOR: MTV's "I Wanna Be A VJ"
    Outcome: "Lost" to Jesse Camp.
  4. WHO/WHAT: Kelly Clarkson // FOR: "American Idol"
    Outcome: Champion! The second best decision I've made as a voter.
  5. WHO/WHAT: John Kerry // FOR: President of the United States
    Outcome: Lost to George W. Bush
  6. WHO/WHAT: Joe Sestak // FOR: U.S. Senate
    Outcome: Lost to Pat Toomey
  7. WHO/WHAT: Barack Obama // FOR: President of the United States
    Outcome: History. Voted for three, possibly four, times. (I don't remember voting in 2012 primary, but I must have?)