In honor of Fuller House, now streaming on Netflix! (This is not a promotion. I am in no way affiliated with this show.)
  1. Jesse and Joey
    These two were kindred spirits. Wastes of life who took advantage of their more responsible friend becoming a widow so they could move in free of charge to "help raise the kids." When they really just worked on their shitty jokes and shitty music. Jesse always acted like Joey annoyed him, but there's a fine line between love and hate. If Joey mastered an Elvis impression, Jesse would be on that faster than you could say "Have mercy."
  2. Joey and Danny
    One is super neat, the other is super sloppy. This is the premise of every married couple sitcom ever made so why the hell not?! Danny loves hugs, Joey loves....wood. WHO COULD ASK FOR ANYTHING MORE?!
  3. Danny and Becky
    These two were the best adults on the show. Both responsible. Both had respectable jobs. Becky was like a mom to the girls. Neither of them had an Elvis fetish. News anchors falling in love - like that movie Up Close and Personal without the tragic ending.
  4. Jesse and Danny
    I'm not really feeling this but I'm also not ready to give Jesse/Becky the satisfaction of being on this list yet. Anyway. They could bond over their shared grief over Danny's wife/Jesse's sister dying. When Jesse says "watch the hair" Danny will listen.
  5. Becky and Jesse
    Becky could have done way better than this burnt out rockstar who clearly wants to bang Elvis Presley and his BFF Joey. But I admire the way they kind of hated each other at first. That's the only reason they were not last on this list. Hate-turned-love is my kryptonite. Also I admire the way Jesse KIND of got his life together after marrying Becky, even though they still lived in the Full House attic for no reason.
  6. Becky and Joey
    No way would Rebecca Donaldson ever give that unfunny loser the time of day. Get a real job, Joey, for the love of god!!!