Things Currently Bothering Me

  1. Mostly this kidney stone I still haven't passed after almost a week. Mostly that.
  2. I have music stuck in my head and I can't figure out what it's from. It might be the theme music to Disney's The Kid and that kind of bums me out. Why do I know that movie well enough to have its music stuck in my head?
  3. I'm really behind on How to Get Away With Murder.
    But the drugs for my kidney stone make me too out of it to give it the attention it so deserves.
  4. I need movie suggestions to watch while high on Vicodin.
    Otherwise I guess I'll just keep watching Disney's The Kid. It's free on HBO on demand.
  5. I'm behind on my homework.
    But unlike for How to Get Away With Murder, I can get a doctors note to excuse me. Thanks, kidney stone!