Requested by Fern

Top 5 Episodes Ranked by Cc's Hair/outfit

This is the best list of all time.
  1. The Nose Knows.
    this will always be number 1. Always. The dolce and gabbana, the silver dress at the end...all perfect. How didn't Niles bang her in this one OR DID HE?
  2. The Heather Biblow Story
    the green sundress, her suits in it are on point, her hair is a glorious golden halo
  3. Ship of Fines
    Her bob is finally on the longer side and her cruise outfits are to die for. How didn't Niles make a move in this one OR DID HE??
  4. Tattoo
    She wears her hair up in a cool way and she wears a really pretty outfit with good accessories. Honestly Niles I give up.
  5. The Rosie Show
    They let her wear some kind of different things from her usual suits in this one!