Might have just figured out why I am the way that I am
  1. The Simpsons
    My mom used to get so mad at my dad when he would let me watch it with him. He had the right idea though I mean it's a cartoon!
  2. Friends
    Similarly my dad would get so mad at my mom when she would let me watch it with her.
  3. Cheers
    I remember sitting on my dads lap watching this when I was really little before it ended (also this might explain why I prefer Rebecca to Diane.) It might also explain why I prefer plain old bars to clubs. I like quiet cozy settings where everybody knows your name!
  4. Guiding Light
    My mom used to watch this every day and I remember one time this crazy man dressed up as a woman and killed another woman by hitting her on the head with a lamp. I don't know why my dad was so concerned with Friends when this is clearly disturbing.
  5. Melrose Place/90210
    Seriously why was my dad so upset over Friends?
  6. Homicide/Law and Order/whatever other crime shows were on back then
    I think this was an accident on their part (like they never intentionally set me down to watch horrific murder shows with them but if I stayed home from school sick or got scared and came into their room at night this is what they'd have on.) Again let me reiterate: The Simpsons v. Friends is the only debate my parents had in all of this.