I have spent years as the reigning queen of the royal Macaulay fandom. This requires a tedious, analytical yet rewarding study of Macaulay Culkin images.
  1. Two of The Same Ear Macaulay.
    If you spent as much time staring at Macaulay pics as me you would have picked up on this not so subtle difference in his ears. It appears as though 'God' accidentally put two right ears on Macaulay in the processing plant. His left ear is actually a right ear upside down. It can't be unseen.
  2. Just Woke Up Macaulay
    If you ever wanted to know what Macaulay looks like when he just wakes up from a nap feast your puffy still not fully open eyes on this.
  3. Macaulay With Coke and Cold Sore
    Oops looks like Mack has a cold sore and he loves coke. It looks like he's dreaming about coke. He loves it so much. The soda.
  4. Gap Kids Sweatshirt Macaulay
    In fifth grade I somehow knew this picture so well that when I spotted this exact navy hoodie in the boys section of Gap Kids I almost lost it. The idea that i was walking around in the same sweatshirt Macaulay has still gets me amped up.
  5. Lactose Intolerant Macaulay
    Little known fact but a week after this shoot Mack would be diagnosed with a debilitating case of lactose intolerance. He will not tolerate it. You can almost see a fart coming on in this pic. Poor Mack.
  6. Huge Jerk Macaulay
    Everything is huge in this pic. The computer, the cell phone and Macaulay's jerk attitude. He can't do jerk he can only do cute. That's why this movie was a huge flop.
  7. Mommy Issues Macaulay
    Here he is with his 46 year old girlfriend at the time. They broke up shortly after because dating your therapist or someone that looks like you is 'frowned upon'. I think she was using him.
  8. Un American Macaulay
    It's funny because he looks so not American in this pic. He looks like he is from Denmark, or Sweden or Cute.