I was a babysitter on high demand for 15 years. I don't do it anymore because I'm a woman now and a teacher and I can't deal but here are some helpful tips. They may be outdated but probably still apply.
  1. Network/hustle
    I had to get a legit business card made at age 14 because I was snagging families left and right and it was necessary to spread myself thin in my neighborhood.
  2. One is a lonely number
    Believe it or not I actually preferred to babysit for more than one child at a time. Not because my rate went up but really because when you babysit for one kid your attention has to be 100% on them and it can be tiring especially when you're making them their pasta with butter and cheese. If there is a sibling they can entertain each other and fight and it really mixes it up.
  3. Snoop at your own risk
    I've found a dildo, Hershey squirted adult underwear and porn on VHS. Eew
  4. Come hungry or full we just don't know
    It's hard to gage the families. Sometimes I would arrive starving and the family just made food for the kids. Ugh. Other times i'd come having already eaten, stuffed and the mom would be like 'what do you want California Pizza Kitchen or sushi?'. You just never know.
  5. Be fun
    The parents are paying you so make it work. We would do photo shoots, Britney Spears fashion shows and science experiments like making jello.
  6. Stay focused- don't get too popular
    For a period of years my weekends were booked with babysitting gigs. I preferred hanging out with kids to my hormonal teenage friends. I was a later bloomer. This freed up weekends months in advance for babysitting and the money just rolled in.
  7. There's candy you just have to look for it
    If you look in the back of the pantry on that shelf it's there. The really nice chocolate that the dad hides because now he's on the South Beach diet. Or there's always that container of old Halloween candy.
  8. There will always be
    String cheese, American cheese slices, wheat bread, fruit snacks, day old pasta in the fridge, squeeze yogurts, Milano's, a bowl of fresh fruits, Twizzlers or Smarties, pretzel rods, Goldfish. Whatever you do don't eat all of one thing. Be strategic, be careful.
  9. They make watching TV so hard
    When the kids go to sleep you are free to watch TV but they always have more than three remotes and it's a nightmare to figure out so you just get used to watching icarly and it's not bad!