I've been looking through real estate websites a lot lately and often come across houses that just seem lost in time. Their refusal to keep up with the joneses is refreshing and beautiful.
  1. Maybe if it all matches it won't look like paisley doody.
  2. Such a Dave Coulier/Marc Summers kitchen.
  3. Thanks for turning my bedroom into your gym the second I went away to college mom. Even the Pillow Pal is depressed.
  4. The teddy bears! I just imagine that the owner of these bears has frosted nails and goes to Atlantic City with her hubby for a romantic getaway.
  5. This photo makes me sad for some reason. It's like the teddy bears are having a serious meeting. Like its a mom and dad bear sad that their bear kids moved out of the house and now they're all lonely.
  6. I can only imagine what those perfumes on the toilet smell like. Tincture of the 80's. And farts.