1. When a fitting room only has communal mirrors.
  2. When you tell the cashier that you don't need a bag and they just go on autopilot and give you one anyway.
  3. When you touch something for one second and it falls off the hanger and you're not in the mood to pick it up but you do because you don't want to be a bad person.
  4. When you notice everything is made from shitty unbreathable polyester.
  5. When a salesperson talks to you too much and asks you questions like 'are you from the neighborhood?' and it makes you feel like you look and dress like an outsider and don't belong shopping in that store.
  6. When there is no salesperson in site when you need one.
  7. When you go to pay for something and the cashier says 'just this?' like buying one thing is not enough.
  8. When the music playing is depressing and you have to immediately leave the store so you don't start crying.
  9. When you leave the fitting room and the salesperson asks ' nothing worked out?' and it makes you feel so bad about yourself.
  10. When you're the only one that says 'thank you' and 'have a good day' and you wonder who's working for whom.
  11. When you're wearing shitty sneakers and sweatpants and the salesperson looks you up and down and you want to tell them 'listen I've shopped here before, I've bought things I'm just running errands in this' but you just leave because you feel sad.
  12. When a cashier yells out 'necks please' like saying next is too hard.
  13. When a cashier says 'next guest' like this is some VIP store.