I miss camp. I went for 6 glorious summers to two vastly different sleepaway camps, Long Lake and French Woods but it's all the same really.
  1. I was dirty
    I can't remember caring enough about being clean or not smelling like an zoo animal. And I clearly remember there was like sewage seeping out of the ground by the boys bunks.
  2. We ate gross stuff
    And I'm not referring to the camp food which is such an ancient joke. We used to dip our fingers in the hot cocoa packets from the dining hall to make pudding. Or mix up lukewarm ice tea mix in the bathroom like it some type of drug. Which it was.
  3. Our counsellors were the same age as us
    When you think about it they were what like 3, 4 years older? It's like babies watching babies.
  4. We kissed
    I had my first three boyfriends at camp. Romance is basically a just born,gangly arm around your neck during an enthusiastic performance of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  5. Technology was a phone
    We called our parents once a week from the office and wrote them letters with Mad Libs style fill-in no effort postcards. We loved camp but the second you hear your moms voice you can't help but cry a little.
  6. I remember my counselor offered up his french fries to me. I didnt realize he doused them with hot sauce! I thought it was ketchup! Then he tried to suggest milk but there was no way i was trusting him after that! Who knew he was right!
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  7. We promised to stay in touch
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