I'm so sad. Somehow, someway I got rid of these toys. I have no memory of getting rid of them so they must have been stolen or I was brainwashed. They were the best and I should probably just go on eBay right now and buy them all.
  1. I am a huge supporter of glow in the dark anything. I let a friend borrow this in junior high and of course never got it back.
  2. I loved babies. But only boy babies. This special doll reveals its sex after its diaper disintegrates in water. Guess how pissed I was when my doll was a girl? Maybe my parents felt that way about me.
  3. Loved cozying up to Bart in bed. I think there was some hidden pocket on him somewhere that I put stuff.
  4. The best! Better than Magnadoodle because this was rainbow!
  5. Quints quints five times more fun, I love taking care of each and every one. But mostly the boy ones.
  6. So special. I had a brown haired boy version of this doll that tans in the sun!!!!! This was made before sunscreen was invented.
  7. I loved this electronic version of the magic 8 ball. I wish Zander could tell me what I did with all these toys!!