My mom never watched tv with us. She was too busy listening to Anita Baker and getting over her divorce. But on Friday's my sister and I went to my dad's house and with a bowl of Breyers mint chip ice cream we TGIFed.
  1. Step by Step
    I remember being annoyed because my dad always thought the teenage daughter was cute. Its like he forgot I was supposed to be the only cute person in the world. Hello.
  2. Full House
    The best show. My dad laughed at the grownup jokes while my sister and I focused on what Stephanie and DJ's bedroom looked like. Also my dad thought Becky was cute.
  3. Perfect Strangers
    So funny those cousins. This was actually not a kids show but Bronson is like a clown! My dad thought the two blonde ladies were cute.
  4. Just the Ten of Us
    We loved this show! My sister even gave me the nickname Connie after one of the litters of kids. There were so many babes on this show.