I was four when my parents got divorced. These are things that happened and ways I felt.
  1. Your dad gets a one bedroom apartment.
    You and your sister sleep on blow up rafts with strange blankets you've never seen before.
  2. Your dad has a new girlfriend.
    Even though she buys you teddy bear shaped soaps you know you're not really supposed to like her so you don't.
  3. You tell your mom everything.
    You think you're doing something good when your mom laughs as you tell her all the ways you don't like your dad's girlfriend and the weird foods they gave you and how they made you wash your hands before dinner. Things your loving mother would NEVER make you do.
  4. Play Dates get weird.
    All the girl down the street wants to do is talk about how your parents are divorced. She's like a 7 year old therapist but you just want to play with her toys. You're fine.
  5. Your dad comes to visit you at school.
    He drives a navy blue Cadillac convertible and fills out his lotto ticket with the numbers of you and your friends birthdays. He doesn't win and the car gets stolen a year later.
  6. Divorce doesn't seem that weird.
    The 80's was rife with divorce. It was actually cooler if your parents were divorced. It was edgy. You find other kids who's parents are divorced and you don't feel that different.