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  1. Move in in the middle of march when the school year ends in April
  2. Lie about why she moved
  3. Not shower
    My room smells like feet now thanks to her
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  1. Nothing
  2. There's nothing to improve upon
  3. I am perfect
  1. No one looks good in swim caps
  2. 6th grade yearbook pic #lit
  3. Passport pics give me life
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This week sucks
  1. Dope dank friends
  2. Parks and Rec
    And South Park. Shows with parks
  3. Joe Biden
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You learn a lot when you're sleep deprived
  1. You will get random spurts of energy that are totally worth the constant exhaustion
    Will happen at 3am
  2. Classes are way more fun when you literally cannot understand a word your professors are saying
  3. You change your career path on a whim
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  1. Put their greasy hands on the door that I just cleaned even though there's a handle
  2. Call in a delivery order and end up not knowing their address
  3. Taking more than 30 seconds to order one single pizza
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  1. Breathe
  2. Defying gravity
  3. Favorite song
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Two whole weeks of nonsense
  1. Plans an entire day in Amsterdam around a Mexican restaurant
  2. *tells me how great the food I'm eating is then follows it up with some horrifying fact about it*
  3. "Actually all animals with blood aren't cold blooded"
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In no particular order
  1. Lit
  2. Bruh
  3. Bruv
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