Things customers do that make me hate them

  1. Put their greasy hands on the door that I just cleaned even though there's a handle
  2. Call in a delivery order and end up not knowing their address
  3. Taking more than 30 seconds to order one single pizza
  4. Call in an order without figuring out what they want and then proceeding to ask their whole family what they want
  5. Call in to order and ask me what is on the menu
  6. Tell me they're ready to order then proceed to take five minutes for their four top to order
  7. Make me take seven trips because the first time I asked if they wanted refills one of the four people that wanted them spoke up
  8. Ask to add something to their bill after they've paid
  9. Call back yelling because their pizza hasn't arrived yet and it's "been over an hour" when I can see on the computer that it's only been 37 minutes
  10. Yell at me when their food isn't ready as if I have it but just decided not to give it to them
  11. Stand in my way even though I am carrying an ass load of food in my hands
  12. Let their kids run around the restaurant even though it's busy and we are all carrying ass loads of food in our hands
  13. Yell at me about prices
  14. Joke about not wanting the bill
  15. Move tables without asking
  16. Sit in three separate sections
  17. Tip me shittily
  18. Have more than two checks at a table
  19. Fight over who will pay the bill in front of me
  20. Literally just exist
  21. Pay for a $10 order with a $100 bill