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  1. My sister's amazing photoshop skills put to the test with my best friend's baby.
  2. This was an actual tattoo on an actual man I was standing behind in line to check out.
  3. My last name on a store front in Ireland! Only in Ireland.
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I'm sure there are more to come, as my entire life basically exists in this category.
  1. Celine Dion
    Not just "My Heart Will Go On"...all of it.
  2. The Great Gatsby
    I don't care that it's cliche! It's cliche for a reason!!
  3. A good IPA
    I know that it's pretentious, and again cliche for a PNWer, but it's delicious and I have beer standards.
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  1. Snow is the embodiment of peace and wonder.
  2. Christmas movies make your heart feel better.
  3. Coziness lingers in the air at all times.
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