Here are some things I've "enjoyed" doing lately
  1. Avoiding interactions with people that I usually really like, including (especially?) cute children
  2. Sleeping standing up for the 3 seconds it takes the elevator to get downstairs
  3. Crying when any tiny thing goes poorly, including but not limited to: getting a broken parking meter, getting a ticket for said meter, stubbing your toe, learning that none of the free lunch options contains cheese
  4. Crying when any tiny thing goes well, including but not limited to: nice texts from your friends and roommates, a cute child (who you were trying to avoid) waving at you, finding a piece of candy in your purse
  5. Staring into space
  6. Making To Do lists that include items like: Refill Water Bottle
  7. Texting your best friend sad-sack things, erasing the text, rewriting it almost exactly the same, and then apologizing for being a sad-sack
  8. Unintentionally sighing for extended periods of time