Bonus round to the regular season
  1. Being announced as the next Bachelor- 20pts
    I know it's been spoiled, but the points never expire
  2. Being announced as a contestant on Bachelor in Paradise - 20pts
  3. Failure to appear - 15 pts
  4. The final bachelor in the hot seat - 20 pts
  5. Being engaged to someone else already - 20pts
  6. Eye rolling - 10pts
  7. Double crying points
    For being in front of a live studio audience
  8. Being Tony - 15pts
  9. Saying something that needs to get bleeped - 20pts
    Once per episode, not per bleep
  10. Insisting there's still a chance - 20pts
  11. Revealing weird house behaviors - 10pts
  12. Guys, they just read aloud some "slut shaming" tweets and that shit's harsh
    But she got a major round of applause from the audience
  13. Someone who didn't last the first episode asking Kaitlyn a question directly - 20pts
  14. Regretting a decision - 15 pts
  15. In a relationship with Britt - 20pts
  16. Choosing Shawn B - 10pts
  17. Choosing Nick - 5pts
  18. Saying "it was a good experience" - 5pts