1. Call 1: Kate turn on channel 33. It's qvc. Isaac mizrahi is on and I think he is Jewish. Go buy stuff.
  2. Call 2: Kate go buy that shirt. You need that shirt.
  3. Call 3: Hi. I just bought pants. I bought white. Did you buy the shirt?
  4. Call 4: oh wow, I can see why people get addicted to this. We need those shoes. Should we buy the shoes? Kate please go buy that shirt.
  5. Call 5: Hi. Are you watching? You should buy that bag. It's gorgeous. Go buy the bag. Just go buy it. Buy it for your birthday. (Birthday is not for 3 months)
  6. Call 6: Hi did you buy the bag? I need to turn this off. We should turn this off right? Okay I'm shutting it off. Goodnight.
  7. -