My name is Kathleen. I introduce myself as Kate. For 20 years I was Katy. Here are my gifs. Do you think they would be in a same-name club with me? Because these are the Kates and Kathleens I want to roll with.
  1. Kate McKinnon
    She can bring us all a change of clothes. We're going to laugh so hard we'll be constantly peeing ourselves.
  2. Kate Winslet
    She can bring her Academy Awards. And her Golden Globes. And her Baftas. All the rest of them can come too.
  3. Kate from Lost
    She can bring her street smarts. And that gun. And Sawyer? I just want to know what nicknames he'd give me. Then we can call it a day.
  4. Kate Middleton
    She can probably get us tickets to Cursed Child, right?
  5. Kathleen 'Kat' Harvey of Casper
    She can bring that sweet dress. Do you think she still knows Casper?
  6. Kathleen Turner
    She can bring those scissors
  7. And I skipped 80 thousand gifs of Katy Perry.