My Most Used Emojis And Why

  1. 👍
    Because texting 'k' is against my religion.
  2. 🎉
    Because I am excitable.
  3. 😶
    Because my friend is watching The West Wing for the first time and when he texts me about it he doesn't want spoilers but I have to respond somehow. So he gets big eyes, no mouth expression of excitement, sadness, despair, etc.
  4. 👻
    Because the tongue-out-winky-face is too goofy but this somber ghost with its tongue out is the perfect blend of sassy, whimsical and serious.
  5. 😒
    Because people and places and things are mad whack.
  6. 💚
    Because the red heart is too gushy and the pink heart is too silly and the yellow heart is probably jaundiced.
  7. 🤓⚡️
    Because Cursed Child is out and I've been texting about Harry Potter a LOT.
  8. 😁
    Because this is the face I make in real life when the awkwardness gets out of hand.