Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. When asked what I'll be wearing to an event this is always the picture I send. Bonus uses include"Hey Groom, want to sneak a peak at Bride's wedding dress?!" and "Ooo, you're getting married? How about this masterpiece?"
  2. When life and people and things are just the worst I like to take a moment to appreciate the adorable greatness of otters. They hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift away from each other. Nothing could be sweeter.
  3. When I see this I think of my dad and my childhood. I always related to Cera. Littlefoot is the hero of the piece but Cera's growth is much more compelling and when she is reunited with her parents at the end my heart still swells with joy.
  4. Someone texted me this after a long conversation we had. She said, "This is you." In my head I tried to argue but she's right. I just want to figure it all out. My Ravenclaw is showing.
  5. Sometimes I take those dumb facebook quizzamajigs but I don't like posting them. Facebook has become a cesspool of terrible things and I don't want more reasons to hate or be hated by the people who are my friends, family and acquaintances. But just so you and I know, I have a pretty excellent vocabulary.
  6. Screenshot from a snapchat. This does look just like me. Body, hair, posture, location and activity.
  7. Love this movie, these ladies, what they/it represent and this artist!