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Inspired by @marymurphy ..... and because I know all 3 of my lists might not be any help😳
  1. k cups
    I love any and all flavors of coffee😊
  2. magazines
    people, architectural digest, and Marie claire are some of my favorites!
  3. oatmeal cream pies
    or any little debbies... I eat them in the morning with coffee
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I don't have very many lists but I realized this morning that they're mostly about food so I'm trying to even this out (and list more!)
  1. I finished my responsive design project!
    this was a short project but kinda a headache and it was suuuuch a relief to turn it in and be done with it
  2. I got a massage!
    my boyfriend lost a bet a while back and he got me a massage! I kept forgetting to make the appt and I also wanted to get it after a long and stressful week so I could really appreciate and savor it. I did.
  3. I broke a new personal record in spin class!
    20 miles! holy hell it was tough and I was so sore (which made the massage that much better) but I felt so jazzed about it after
this will certainly be added to because every time I try a new thing from here it becomes my new favorite
  1. feta cheese and caramelized onion puffs
  2. frozen quinoa
    with zucchini and sweet potatoes- cooks in the microwave in no time at all. like most trader joes items, I'm amazed at the flavor and lack of processed/frozen taste
  3. mexican quiche
    quiche Lorraine with a little spice!
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The way I feel about these is the same way I feel when I occasionally read my horoscope; they are vague but spot on.
  1. I'm a baby that likes to think of herself as a total boss ass bitch
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in no particular order
  1. chip and salsa
    but only if they are free and unlimited (queso too)
  2. anything with the word "sampler"
    like when you can have a bite of every appetizer available and you don't have to choose just one!!!
  3. fried mac and cheese balls
    I mean are you kidding me? who thought of these?? genius.
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