in no particular order
  1. chip and salsa
    but only if they are free and unlimited (queso too)
  2. anything with the word "sampler"
    like when you can have a bite of every appetizer available and you don't have to choose just one!!!
  3. fried mac and cheese balls
    I mean are you kidding me? who thought of these?? genius.
  4. mini tacos
    they have to have something cool in them though and can't fall apart when I take a bite- like these are apps I'm not trying to use my fork to scoop up whatever missed my mouth
  5. charcuterie and cheese plate
    this is snobby but I'm such a sucker for a medley of prosciutto, salami, etc with weird cheeses, fruits, and nuts. makes me feel fancy
  6. bread with butter and/or olive oil
    bonus points if roasted garlic makes an appearance somewhere
  7. soft pretzels
    any shape or size is acceptable
  8. all of these are the best, small plates are the way to go, and tapas restaurants are underrated