Inspired by @marymurphy ..... and because I know all 3 of my lists might not be any help😳
  1. k cups
    I love any and all flavors of coffee😊
  2. magazines
    people, architectural digest, and Marie claire are some of my favorites!
  3. oatmeal cream pies
    or any little debbies... I eat them in the morning with coffee
  4. dry shampoo
    all of a sudden it seems like my hair is dirty all the time and I have no time to wash it😞
  5. school supplies
    this just feels like it should go in here.... pencils, magnets, post it notes
  6. candle
    I just want my apartment to smell good.... I also have an oil diffuser if essential oils are easier to send (probably)
  7. bath bomb/bubbles/oil
    I take a bath like 3 times a week and I love all the stuff you can put in there
  8. any cool knick knacky things from where you're from!!!
    plus a note! please tell me all about you!!
  9. thank you so so much!! I think this is awesome.