My semester ended and I am pretty terrified about the new one so I took my five day weekend, beginning Friday until today, and devoted it only to movies.
  1. Norm of the North
    I saw it with my 7 year old siblings. It was quite a sacrifice.
  2. The Proposal
    I'm now in love with Ryan Reynolds
  3. The Last Time You Had Fun
    First surprisingly sad movie of the weekend
  4. Safelight
    Also in love with Evan Peters. tw: rape and domestic violence
  5. Spy
    I couldn't fully enjoy this because every time I saw Jude Law I remembered GATTACA, which I have not recovered from
  6. The Gift
    Jason Bateman more like Jason HATEman because ew. (Zero apologies for how lame that was)
  7. Digging For Fire
    I had to watch the commentary to fully understand this movie but once I did, it was serious and it stuck with me.
  8. Bridget Jones's Diary
  9. The Flight Before Christmas
    What's a movie binge without a couple of Lifetime movies?
  10. Another Lifetime movie. This one about teen pregnancy. I don't remember what it's called to be honest.
    Jane Krakowski played the guidance counselor and that led me to find out she had the CUTEST KID EVER. I'd attach a picture but that's probably weird so just google it. He's adorable.
  11. The Hangover Part III
    Everyone in this movie has fantastic eyes and I'm still thinking about them.
  12. American Ultra
    Thought this was a rom com. It was a spy movie. I watched it at 3 in the morning and that led to plenty of paranoia about whether or not I was a CIA asset.
  13. Sicario
    Serious lack of women and trust in this movie.
  14. The Martian
    Thinking about space made me uncomfortable but A+ movie
  15. Interstellar
    I quit watching this once he was inside the black hole. It was a little too unrealistic compared to The Martian. Anne Hathaway is very pretty though.
  16. Joy
    I wanted this to be like Silver Linings Playbook. Turns out it was Jennifer Lawrence inventing a mop. I missed the appeal of it I guess because I was bored throughout.
  17. Sleeping With Other People
    Jason Sudeikis beating up Adam Scott is everything I've ever needed. Especially with Scott in full pedophile attire. A very cute movie to end the weekend on.