1. My state, North Carolina, has decided to pass a bill.
  2. Okay great, the government is getting things done.
  3. This bill takes away all rights and protections set forth for LGBT people.
  4. It passed with a VERY high ratio in the senate and has moved to the desk of Gov. Pat McCrory.
  5. He has already warned the city of Charlotte (who had passed a bill allowing for the protection of trans people to use the bathroom they identify with) that if their anti-discrimination bill passed, the state would shut it down.
  6. Aside from the ridiculousness of the bill, it cost the state $42K.
  7. I am furious about this and it definitely needs to be fixed. This bill is setting our state back 50 years and citizens should not have to worry about things like this.
  8. You can read it here: