1. I already have all the ingredients so that's dope
  2. Vacuuming my house
    Just got a dyson, haven't used it yet, pretty sure it's going to change my life
  3. Watching another episode of Limitless
    Forever is over, but that's ok, because they made another show that's different but also the same!
  4. Drinking wine
  5. Reading on my porch
    Fall is the loveliest season for this! I'm between books now so I could read ANYTHING!
  6. Planning what my life would be if I were Taylor Swift
    Or if I knew Taylor Swift, or if I instead of Chuck Klosterman had gotten to write a profile of Taylor Swift...
  7. I have to start studying for the GRE again bc I just decided I'm going back to grad school
  8. It's not like studying is something I WISH I was doing but it's something I MIGHT DO
  9. My coworker is dating our Diamond Springs delivery man, I think that's pretty funny
    Do all the items on a list have to be related to the list??
  10. Back to the list
  11. Sorting through my socks to throw away the ones with holes/no matches
    This is something I'm actually doing, it's not fun and takes FOREVER but guess what when I'm done and all my socks are completely intact pairs life will be SO BEAUTIFUL
  12. Making more and better lists
    Really should've started doing this before the beta ended, probably could've had whole conversations with John Mayer (which would've brought me THAT MUCH closer to my T Swift dream life)
  13. Letting @tombatten buy me a birthday drink
    Just kidding, every year he says he's going to do this but then he never does
  14. Anything, basically. I would rather be doing anything else.
    But at least now there are only 45 minutes of work left!