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  1. sweet home alabama
  2. miss congeniality
  3. pretty woman
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I feel like I'm forgetting a lot of memories ha ha
  1. 1.
    the time I got my new phone
  2. 2.
    the time rylie sent me this
  3. 3.
    the time me and Sarah went shopping AND I GOT MY HAT
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  1. 1.
    i've always been drawn to Ireland for some reason? I think I like the green and the idea of pubs. and a lot of it has to do with "p.s. I love you"
  2. 2.
    New Zealand
    same idea with Ireland. I like scenery a lot and I feel like New Zealand is always just doing its own thing like no one ever thinks about New Zealand.
  3. 3.
    I suffered through a year of German so I feel like I might as well put my knowledge of the German language to use. also I feel bad for judging all of Germany based off of frau.
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  1. "i don't even care"
    i say this about everything and i usually care a lot
  2. "it's not a big deal"
    same as above
  3. "i didn't even study for this test"
    I guess this isn't on a daily basis but still. I usually study a lot for tests but it would be embarrassing to fail a test after admitting to studying for hours.
  4. "i definitely only had one serving"
    but one serving of chips is like 5 chips and who only has 5 chips at a time???
  1. you win some you lose some
  2. another one bites the dust
  3. another day another dollar
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  1. dessert
    rylie wouldn't be a dessert. she would be something like chicken noodle soup or rice.
  2. store
    she would be target bc everyone loves target you can buy anything at target. also, target is relatable like it's not pretentious like whole foods. target is just nice. and cool. like rylie.
  3. piece of clothing
    she would probably be that one shirt that is comfy and you always feel your best in it. like a simple solid colored t shirt from cotton on or something. it's simple, casual, and comfortable but also fashion forward.
  4. bag of chips
    obviously BBQ bc she's a southern belle
  1. any jason derulo song
  2. gold digger
  3. iN dA cLuB (LILLE REMIX)
  4. king of vine