1. Self explanatory.
  2. Some croissants. This is from Annie's trip to France and I didn't realize What's App saves all its pictures to your camera roll.
  3. Me and Priscilla. Annie won her at a carnival. She had the choice between a rabbit and 10$ and she picked the rabbit. We only kept her for 3 weeks, but I bonded hard. She was my silly girl. She supposedly now lives with a new family in Silicon Valley, but that may have been a lie my mom told me.
  4. Pretty pano sunset from the balcony. I'm gonna miss these.
  5. Two little girls set up a lemonade stand on my block on the 4th or July. I bought a strawberry lemonade and spiked it with Bacardi and it was delicious. Also, they have a much better business model than my childhood lemonade stands, which were at the end of a cul de sac.