Requested by @achessler. She is my favorite person. Deal with it.
  1. When I gave her a bloody nose accidentally when we were little and we didn't realize she was bleeding right away and then we both started shrieking.
  2. "What do you do when I'm gone?" "Wait for you to come back?" 😢
  3. When we don't see each other for a while and are running to each other (on a sidewalk/airport terminal) and I call out "ANNEH" and she calls out "KATEH".
  4. Talking shit about our relatives together.
  5. Mutual agreement that if our parents ever divorce and remarry, we will make life a living hell for any stepchildren/half-children, just because.
  6. One time I sleepwalked and ended up in her bedroom, in her bed, about a foot away from her face and we both woke up at the same time. And she asked "what are you doing here?" And I said "I don't know."
  7. Obviously more. She is my sister. Like we could run out of favorite moments?