VMAs thoughts. Because my coworkers absolutely refuse to discuss awards shows with me.
  1. The night where we set pop culture standards for the year to come. It's the fizzy, bubbly, last day of school energy. The last five minutes before the ball drops on NYE and everyone is tipsy and saying what's on their minds Usually, beef is made, but this year, it seems it was buried. Oh 2016, you are fucking me up.
  2. Kanye West
    You took all my words. I think you may actually be God.
  3. Beyoncé
    I can't even deal. Her daughter. Her crew of brilliant, talented, strong women. She makes me proud to be American again.
  4. RiRi and Drake
    Did they just get engaged on national TV? Is that what just happened? Okay. I guess just go ahead and ruin love for us all then?
  5. Miley
    She stayed home to kiss her puppies and do yoga. I am confident she will have a Britney style comeback down the line after we are done making her the scapegoat. This is the pattern.
  6. Britney
    America loves a comeback. (America also loves to shove you down in the first place).
  7. Spotify
    The real MVP. Your playlist has allowed me to relive the magic of last night all morning long.
  8. So many more. I actually don't allow myself to watch awards shows directly, because I am too fucking excitable. But I imbibe generously on social media.
    I watched the Oscars in 2013 and I actually didn't stop talking about it for 4 months. This isn't an exaggeration.