It has to be right?
  1. The weather is starting to get colder. And you can finally dress in drapey layers again.
    The more spinster-y the sweater, the better.
  2. Halloween candy
    Fun sized portions of candy in the shape of bones and bats. Buy many options in case you get trick or treaters, but you probably won't. It's okay. I'm sure it won't go to waste.
  3. Planning Halloween costumes
    The one day per year I get to act out my everyday fantasy of wearing an elaborate costumes.
  4. Watching spooky tv and movies
    And if your favorite Halloween programming is Hocus Pocus, do me a favor and grow the fuck up.
  5. Apple and pumpkin smells and flavors
    As a white girl, it's my civic duty to consume at least one PSL each fall.
  6. Leaves changing colors
    When I broke up with my BF, I deleted all our cute fall pictures of the aspens changing last fall. But here is an alternative look at fall in Denver.
  7. I can openly talk about witchy things and no one can accuse me of being an actual witch. Because I'm not, but witchcraft is straight up fascinating.
    If I had been born in 1600s Salem, I would have totally been burned at the stake.