Not that you asked.
  1. I don't think Desiigner has ever even seen Fairly Odd Parents because he doesn't really even mention Cosmo and Wanda in his song.
  2. When the tampon machines in a public restroom aren't refilled promptly, I consider this an aggressive act of sexism.
    I've lost too many quarters. I'm angry. Hillary, please fix this. Bernie would have gotten behind this issue.
  3. Drinking on the job is very European/Mad Men and can be a great creative tool.
    Just as long as you don't work in healthcare.
  4. Pissing off ex boyfriends is a fun hobby that has almost no guilt.
  5. Conversation hearts are the world's most perfect candy.
    Snappy phrases about love and a direct hit of sugar. Yes please.
  6. Odd numbers are extremely unlucky.